Best OBD2 Scanner Under 100 Dollars – Your Ultimate Guide

Looking for the best OBD2 scanner under 100 dollars? I’ve got you covered in this article.

Gone are the days when you needed an Onboard Diagnostics 1 (OBD1) scanner to diagnose your vehicle. Things are much better now with the advent of OBD2 car diagnostic scanners.

An OBD2 scanner is far easier and better at determining the exact cause of faults and how to fix them. It is an awesome and impressive tool any car owner should have. With it, you can know the cause of problems in your car before taking it to a repair shop saving you repair time and money.

In this article you are going to discover the best OBD2 scanner under 100 dollars you can buy right now.

Best OBD2 Scanner Under 100: Top Seven (7)

1. LAUNCH Thinkdriver Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

Launch Thinkdriver Bluetooth OBD2 scanner is a portable adapter you can easily plug into your car’s OBD2 port, connect it wirelessly to your iOS or Android phone and diagnose faults on your vehicle from your mobile phone.

To use this scan tool, you have to download its app on your device.  It can be the best OBD2 scanner under 100 dollars for you.


  • It has full OBD2 functions
  • Also supports full system diagnostics like airbag, engine, battery, air conditioning, transmission systems and so on.
  • Supports fifteen (15) maintenance resets like battery, ABS, throttle adaptation, gear learning, steering and suspension, etc.
  • And many more…


  • Reads and clears trouble codes
  • Works on 100+ vehicle brands and makes
  • Can be used by anyone, whether a professional or a Do it Yourself (DIY) user
  • And more…

2. KONNWEI KW850 OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scanner

Konnwei KW850 is a 2-in-1 car diagnostic tool. It functions as both a car diagnostic tool and a battery tester. Moreover, it reads and also erases engine fault codes. In addition, it easily determines the cause of a check engine light and probably fix it also.

This scan tool is compatible with most US vehicles made from 1996, European and Asian based vehicles made from 2003 till present. It combines affordability with quality therefore it can be the best OBD2 scanner under 100 dollars you can buy.  


  • Reads and clears error codes
  • For oxygen sensor (O2) test and battery check
  • An extra long diagnostic cable for you to diagnose your vehicle conveniently even from outside.
  • Real time car battery voltage monitoring
  • It works on all OBD2, EOBD, and Controller Area Network (CAN) compliant cars.
  • And more…


  • Has a user friendly diagnostic interface
  • You get lifetime free software upgrade
  • Can be used in different regions around the world because of its multilingual feature
  • Having this tool handy will help you check your vehicle before going for a smog test. It will help you get prepared for emission inspection and pass it.
  • And more…


  • May not work for ABS bleeding and airbag
  • You need to check if it’s compatible with your car before you buy 

3. LAUNCH X431 CR5001 OBD2 Code Reader Scanner

Launch X431 CR5001 is a very good car diagnostic tool that helps you determine the cause of problems in your vehicle. It reads engine fault codes and also clears them.

This awesome tool easily determines the cause of a check engine light in your vehicle. Moreover, it also helps you get ready for emissions test. It works on four systems of vehicles which include fuel / ignition, cooling, exhaust emission, and starting & charging systems.


  • 2.4 inch colour display
  • This scan tool has full OBD2 functions. It reads readiness status, tests O2 sensor, reads vehicle information, and so on
  • It also has fifteen (15) reset functions
  • One click I/M readiness check to help you pass your emissions test seamlessly.
  • And more…


  • Doesn’t require a battery or charger. It powers itself from your car’s DLC socket
  • Three years warranty and a lifetime free update online
  • It is easy to operate and can be used by both professionals and DIY users
  • Turns off check engine light
  • And more…


  • Doesn’t read codes on Land Rover

4. THINKCAR Thinkdriver Professional OBD2 Bluetooth Car Scanner

Thinkcar Thinkdriver Professional OBD2 Bluetooth Car Scanner is a scan tool that works with iOS and Android devices. It is a Bluetooth adapter that you plug in to your car then connect it wirelessly to your mobile phone or tablet.

This tool can diagnose the entire car systems and has fifteen (15) maintenance reset functions.


  • Full OBD2 functions
  • Supports 15 maintenance reset functions including steering angle reset, oil lamp reset, key programming, ABS bleeding, sunroof reset, suspension reset, etc.
  • It has full vehicle system diagnosis which includes engine, adaptive headlight, automatic transmission, airbag, navigation and positioning, air conditioning, reversing radar, adaptive suspension, tire pressure monitoring, etc.


  • Reads and clears fault codes
  • It supports multiple languages
  • It is compatible with US, Asian and European vehicles made from 1996 till now
  • Auto VIN detect
  • It’s very easy to use by just anyone


  • It requires a subscription to work after the trial period

5. KONNWEI KW680S Car Scanner 

Konnwei KW680S is an impressive car diagnostic tool for determining the state of your vehicle. It reads fault codes and also erases them. Moreover, this tool perfectly tells you why your check engine light is on through the freeze frame functionality.  

This scan tool can also diagnose your entire car system which includes transmission system, airbag system, Braking system, among others.


  • One click I/M readiness check to help you easily pass your emissions test
  • USB connector for connecting the scan tool to your PC for printing and upgrading
  • And more…


  • Reads and clears fault codes
  • It supports up to eight (8) different languages including English Language
  • Determines the cause of check engine light on and also turns it off
  • Reads live Powertrain Control Module (PCM) data stream
  • And more…

6. Nexpeak NX501 Auto Diagnostic Tool 

This is an auto diagnostic tool for finding out problems and their causes in cars. It helps you avoid blind maintenance. With this awesome tool, you can seamlessly scan your vehicle for faults before taking it to a repair shop. This will save you money and time.


  • It reads and erases fault codes on all OBD2 protocol vehicles.
  • Compatible with vehicles made from 1996
  • Retrieves I/M readiness for a successful emissions test
  • Has a 2.8” colour led screen for easy viewing
  • And much more…


  • It turns off check engine light and resets monitors
  • Displays trouble code definition on screen after reading
  • It also displays live sensor readings in a text or graph format
  • And many more…


  • It does not work on hybrid and electric cars

7. THINKCAR Thinkdiag Mini OBD2 Scanner

This is a car bluetooth diagnostic adapter you can connect wireless ly to your mobile device to diagnose your car of faults. Thinkcar Thinkdiag Mini OBD2 scanner has a full system diagnostic function. This means it can diagnose your entire vehicle systems including transmission system, ABS system, airbag system, etc.

Additionally, it has fifteen (15) reset functions which include oil lamp reset to help you determine oil change cycle, steering angle reset, key programming, ABS bleeding, and so on.


  • It has full OBD2 functions like reading and clearing of fault codes, determining the cause of check engine light and also turning it off, reading I/M readiness status to help you pass your emissions test, etc.
  • Supports up to 110 vehicle brands across America, Asia and Europe
  • And more…


  • It is compatible for both iOS and Android devices
  • Compatible with 99% of US vehicles
  • Has a multilingual feature
  • You can easily print a downloadable and shareable diagnostic report
  • And more…


  • It can only be freely used on one car brand. You have to pay for a subscription plan to use it on other car brands

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